I'm a passionate developer who cares about building great products.
Specialized in developing clean & effective websites and apps.

Specialising in:

PHP Development

Android Development

Node.js & jQuery Development


My hometown is Osijek, in Croatia.

I'm a web developer with 5 years of personal experience of designing and developing
the backend (PHP & MySQL & Node.js) and frontend interfaces (CSS, jQuery).

I also love developing Android applications using Java within the ecosystem of Android
studio for about 2 years of personal experience had with the Android SDK API libraries,
Eclipse IDE/ADT and recently migrated to Android studio.

My preferred and primary PHP framework is the Laravel framework.

I have a well grounded understanding of OOP, MVC, PSR standards, building RESTful
web services with PHP, version control with git, HTTP and many more best practices.

Having a good understanding of BDD and TDD testing with PHP. Packages the likes
of PHPUnit, Jasmine, Behat & PHPSpec.

Had been programming in many langauges at university the likes of C/C++, C#, Python,
Assembly, SQL, Matlab which gave me a good understanding of programming theory.

I found my passion lies in developing websites and android applications.

Most of my time is spent with technologies related to Web and Android
programming such as PHP, MySQL, Javascript, HTML, CSS and Java.

>>My CV (Croatian Version)<<

>>My CV (English Version)<<


My Skills

I work mostly with PHP, Javascript, SQL, Java, Android SDK and the LAMP stack + plus the various tehnologies associated with them.

Programming Skills

90% Complete
80% Complete
60% Complete
70% Complete
90% Complete
60% Complete
65% Complete

Designing Skills

40% Complete
70% Complete
100% Complete

Professional Experience

Recently finished university 2015.

2014 2010
  • Professional Practice Crafts Association Osijek Uoos
  • During the fourth semester of study had my practical work spent at Crafts Association.
  • 2010.

  • Web administrator at Uoos
  • - Maintenance of computer
    - Administration of website
    - Making articles
    - Installation of upgrades in wordpress
    - Updating Articles
  • 2010. - 2014.

2004 2001
  • Professional Practice - Elgra Osijek
  • During my studies I did my practical work in the service of home appliances firm ELGRA, two working days a week.
  • 2001. - 2004.


Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me. Here’s a collection of some of my work.

>>My Github account<<


Let's Keep In Touch!

Email: slavensakacic@gmail.com

Mobile Phone: +385 91 924 9906